Meet Jade Cruickshank!

chiliZ’ new Chief People Officer

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Even though Jade Cruickshank has been a member of the chiliZ family for a few weeks now, we wanted to wait to announce her incoming tenure as chiliZ’ Chief People Officer until she had her own video to work as an introduction.

In her 10+ years, this Talent Acquisition vet has helped shape the leadership and team make-ups of countless company’s in the iGaming space, from operators to game providers, among others. Managing diverse C-level clients across careers is one thing — but it was Jade’s new found passion for the emerging blockchain ecosystem which led her path to converge with that of the chiliZ project.

The fact that both happen to live on Malta was the straw that broke the camels back in her mind, and she took the deep dive into our mission to change the way sports & esports fans interacted with the games, teams & events the love most.

A digital currency for sports entertainment platforms

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