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Lukasz and Malcolm

We’re happy to welcome two more fantastic colleagues to the chiliZ team within the Tech Department.

Malcolm has joined as a UI/UX Designer and will be responsible for the customer journey on the web and mobile platforms of Malcolm says that he always wanted to work with something a little different and given that chiliZ is working with Blockchain technology made it that much more exciting. “I’m super proud to be part of this young team of different nationalities and very talented people.”

In his spare time, Malcolm loves to watch and play football and enjoys Enduro/Downhill biking across Malta and Gozo. This gives him the chance to enjoy the fantastic scenery the islands have to offer and lastly but certainly not least Malcolm loves spending time with his family.

Lukasz is a Backend Developer who will be part of the team busy building the backbone of the web and mobile platform. Lukasz says “I love to learn new things and I try to do it every day if only a little bit. Just for fun. I was looking for an opportunity to work with people who share my love of clean code, clean architecture or agile software practices in order to drive each other to grow. When I saw a job advertisement from chiliZ, mentioning those things and the opportunity to work with blockchain, I was hooked.”

He is passionate about cinema and loves playing on his PS4 in his free time.

Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of chiliZ right here on Medium and across all of our social media channels on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Medium, and Twitch.

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