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August 28th 2020: Chillizens, today proved to be yet another landmark day in what is proving to be a summer filled with new milestones.

Earlier this afternoon, at 13:00 CEST, we launched trading for 3 Fan Tokens back to back on Chiliz.net (Chiliz Exchange). It’s the first time we’ve ever launched 3 Fan Tokens back to back, so we feel justified in giving this event ‘landmark’ status.

The Fan Tokens for Cypriot football club Apollon Limassol ($APL), esports organisation Team Heretics ($TH) and Argentinean football club CA Independiente ($CAI) became the 8th, 9th and 10th live Fan Tokens on the exchange.

At the time of writing (18:00 CEST) trading volume on the 3 latest Fan Tokens to join the Chiliz Exchange is around the $700K mark. All three Fan Tokens have risen in price since the launch, with $APL catching the eye and spiking by 91% in its opening hours.

While the numbers are not yet mind blowing, it’s clear that interest and participation is growing, with today’s activity building on June 24th’s $BAR (FC Barcelona) launch which witnessed trading volumes of $1M in the first 6 minutes.

Our goal is to create a new ecosystem, drawing participation from regular sports fans and traditional crypto traders/enthusiasts, who will be able to trade and exchange tokens on the platform.

We’ve now got 10 Fan Tokens, but we’ll be adding dozens more to the exchange in the coming months, which will see attention in this new class of trading continue to grow.

We’re also seeing the first clear signs of a correlation between Fan Token price and fan sentiment emerge. For instance, the price of Paris Saint Germain’s $PSG Fan Token rose by 17% when they reached the Champions League Final last week.

This is an exciting new narrative and wholly unique, but it’s not the only thing to look forward to.

We’re focused on increasing activity and participation on Chiliz.net; we’ve already launched. Daily Trading Tournaments on Socios.com (daily prizes valuing $1000 USD in $CHZ), but we’re aiming to launch them on the Chiliz Exchange in mid-September too. We’ll also be increasing engagement on Chiliz.net, with voting opportunities and other participation opportunities on the horizon.

Very encouraging signs, but it’s still early days yet. It’s going to be exciting watching this new ecosystem really develop and come into its own over the course of the next few months.

If you have any questions please visit The Chiliz Exchange Telegram: https://t.me/ChilizTrade.

A digital currency for sports entertainment platforms www.chiliz.com

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